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We offer projects mainly in computational science and engineering. Your educational background could for instance be applied mathematics, computer science, computational physics, control and robotics, machine vision, mechanical engineering. Please contact us ( and with your interest and CV. Do feel free to propose a thesis project by yourself.

Thesis proposals

Previous thesis projects

  • Terrain machine learning (Vitor Wiberg)
  • Simulation based exploration of a loading strategy for a LHD-vehicle (Daniel Lindmark)
  • Projected conjugate-gradient solver for contacting rigid bodies on GPGPU
  • Parallel implementation of the projected Gauss-Seidel method on the Intel Xeon Phi processor – Application to granular matter simulation (Emil Rönnbäck)
  • Parallel projected Gauss-Seidel solver for large-scale granular matter - Examining the physics of the parallel solver and development of a multigrid solver (Johan Sundberg)
  • Discrete time variational mechanics of multidomain systems: Applications to coupled electronic, hydraulic, and multibody systems (Tomas Sjöström)
  • A Parallel Blocked Multifrontal Implementation of Colesky Factorization for Sparse Matrices (Olof Sabelström)
  • A constraint based viscoplastic fluid model of granular matter (John Nordberg)
  • Discrete event simulations in forestry technology (Linus Jundén)
  • Constraint Fluids on GPU* (Martin Nilsson)
  • Parallel Simulation of Particle Fluids* (Mattias Linde)
  • Phun* (Emil Ernefeldt)
  • Realtime Simulation of Wires (Fredrik Nordfelth)
  • Real-Time Simulation of Deformable Objects (Niklas Melin)
  • Rigid Body Simulation of Macro Molecules (Christian Svebilius)
  • Simulation of off-road Vehicle (Erik Linder)
  • Shared Control of Mechanical Systems in Virtual Environments (Anders Hansson)
  • Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics on the Cell Broadband Engine* (Nils Hjelte)
  • Smooth and nonsmooth approaches to simulation of granular matter (Stefan Hedman)
  • ... and several more

'*' was run at VRLab